a mighty life

Keeping things simple, today: this website made me feel. Good, Bad, Very Old (I’m already 25! So much to do, so little time!) and Very Young (Wait. I’m only 25.). All at once. Thankful. Inspired. Scared. Impressed. Humbled. And if I had to stop and pick one feeling, and hoist it up above all the others, it’d be easy: Crazy in Love with people. With their lives and dreams and fears and mistakes and joys and…on and on.

I was also recently inspired by this woman’s idea. Not that a “life list” is a new concept…I just happened to see hers, and happened to like the title. And happen to love lists. So I got to thinking, about what my list would include. What it already includes. And then I started making it. It’s slipped in the back of my notebook, for now. If all goes as planned it’ll have its own page here, very soon. It’s a work in progress, and I expect (I hope) to see it change over time. But I think most of the items on there, no matter if they’re big or small, serious or fun, current realities or distant dreams…I think they’ll keep me in check; I hope they’ll keep me true to the core of what I love, of who I am and who I’m becoming.


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