au revior, 2009

Plenty of time spent thinking on the past year/the year ahead, recently. Sitting back and reflecting proved to be a beneficial exercise for me, as I realized what a wonderful year I had. The thought of a new year always saddens and excites me…until I remember there’s nothing to be sad about. Nothing is left behind when the new year starts…every single little thing that I felt and learned is part of me now, has shaped who I am at this moment here and now. So I’m left feeling excited, for all things new. New projects (photo-a-day, film club, book clubs, and ze blog, of course), new goals (a mighty life update is on the way), new stories, new trips, new friends…and on and on.

A final obsession/crush from 2009: Edith Piaf. Her lovely French tunes have gotten me through some stressful work days this week. Perfect background music (in a non-derogatory way); since I can’t understand the lyrics (YET.) they’re just sounds, but they are the most elegant sophisticated graceful sounds. Extremely calming, too. I am now the top Edith Piaf listener on lala. And hope to watch La Vie en Rose this weekend.

Let’s all be better and better. Happy New Year, friends.


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