photo-a-day, round 1

Slightly behind on posting the photo-a-day progress. So far: lots of time indoors, and lots of longing for my (stolen!!) Canon Rebel. Little guys, for January 1-6:

January 1: New Year’s Day was a bonus day, in my mind. So I spent most of it here.

January 2: The Salinger kick continues. Devoured Franny and Zooey in a single day. I love this book…primarily the Zooey portion. I’m always torn, though…it’s one of those books, where you can’t wait to get to the end, can’t wait to read every word and have each one be a part of you…but then when you’re there, at the end, you feel a little empty and very sad, because it’s over and you just want it to go on forever.

January 3: Fourth Presbyterian Church, on Michigan Avenue. I met some friends here for a Sunday morning service. Gorgeous choir hymns and a striking interior made for a moving hour of reflection, an hour of shelter from a world that can be so, so cold.

January 4: I’ve been trying to cook more, recently. This is (part of) my kitchen. Hopefully we’ll be spending lots of QT together this year. (What I really wanted to photograph/capture today was my yoga class. It. Was. Great.)

January 5: Ogilvie Transportation Center (post-rush hour). Took the train to the suburbs tonight to have dinner with a friend/watch the Iowa bowl game. And the station’s stillness upon my return seemed to mirror the loneliness I can feel when I find myself suddenly alone, after being surrounded by others.

January 6: So. The owner of my apartment painted over my thermostat before I moved in, for some reason. I may or may not have pretended to be interested in moving to another apartment in the building last fall, and may or may not have taken a picture of the thermostat in the apartment-for-rent while I was viewing it. And there’s a chance, a small chance, that I still don’t know how to control the heat. Proof: I have floor to ceiling windows that I can’t see out of in the morning, because they are covered in a layer of ice. On the inside. Love it.


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