January 13: My least artistic photograph yet. But it comes from a great night: had the best fish tacos in Chicagoland with mi madre y mi hermano, and went to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak about her new book. She had some interesting things to say about love and marriage…but I caught myself daydreaming about what it’d be like to be an author, most of the night; doing appearances at bookstores, having over a hundred people show up to hear you read and speak, having a bodyguard (yep…the guy behind her was all business)…sigh. Time to get writing…these stories aren’t going to publish themselves.

January 14: Stopped by my favorite/neighborhood flower shop tonight to create an arrangement for my co-worker’s anniversary with the firm tomorrow. Went in in a rush to get home, and ended up lingering for much longer than I expected…enjoying the incredible scents, the warm air, and the knowledge and patience of a friendly employee who helped me build a beautiful bouquet.


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  1. Tim Street

    Nice photos Katie! Keep it up. šŸ™‚

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