I think this is just the way it’s going to be, this year: posting groups of photos, instead of one every day. We’ll see.

January 15: I know “the holidays” ended a while ago, but I’m usually in denial for a few weeks after they’re gone. Because when they’re gone, all the waiting is over, and the cold and the snow and the ice can no longer be justified. I liked this lone strand of lingering white lights, though. And will always vote for keeping strands like this one out and lit all year round.

January 16: Those who know me well should not be surprised by my love for the library. Visits to my neighborhood branch have become a weekly occurrence. A budget-friendly alternative to satisfy my love for new bookstores/used bookstores/Amazon. And a friendly reminder that the city can be as big or as small as you make it…being recognized by volunteers here makes it just a little smaller, for me.

January 17: Today. The sun. Came out. A Really Big Deal, when you’re living in the midst of a Chicago winter. Everything and everyone changes when the sun’s around. And it’s days like today, when I’m walking downtown, listening to just the right song, that I forget, for a moment, that no one else can hear what I’m hearing…even though everything and everyone is moving with the beat. People waving or laughing right on queue, wind blowing through dead tree branches, cars and buses flying by. My own little music video. All I need now are some giant speakers in the sky.

January 18: A hearty “thank you” to The Man, for choosing MLK day to be a holiday at our office. A visit to Metropolis for cappuccinos and reading, and a Bon Iver-inspired car-ride home, wrapped up the weekend in good fashion. “you said ‘ain’t this just like the present, to be showin’ up like this…’” Must get giant speakers, in the sky.



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  1. i mean … giant speakers in the sky *would* be pretty awesome

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