1/25/10 – Trailhead, by E. O. Wilson. This story was…different. It’s about ants: more specifically, the death of an ant colony’s Queen, and the effects this has on the colony’s future. There were times when it read more like a science report than a short story, but Wilson uses adjectives and emotions just enough to remind the reader that they’re reading fiction. And: I did a little research (Wikipedia counts, right?) on Wilson (who is the Pellegrino University Research Professor in Entomology for the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard). Turns out he knows his ants…his book detailing his ant research won a Pulitzer Prize. Learning this increased my appreciation for/enjoyment of the story. I learned more about ants and their roles and different body types and communication tactics and survival techniques than I’d ever planned. And I was surprised at how caught up I was in the final “battle” sequences between the dead Queen’s colony and their neighboring colony/how sympathetic I was towards such tiny little insects. A unique story, to say the least.


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