January 19: My ‘hood. I love it. Small enough to feel like a ‘hood, but large enough to include an array of restaurants, bars, specialty shops, boutiques, and lots and lots of unique walk-ups. And: walk for a few minutes and you’re at the lake; ride a bus for a few minutes and you’re in Wicker Park, or Lincoln Park, or the Loop. Just beyond this little entryway is a stretch of street containing some of my favorite ‘hood places: Topo Gigio (best Italian food), the Old Town Aquarium, Old Town Oil, The Spice House…I could go on. And that’s not counting what’s up the street…a new bakery, an adorable paper store, that flower shop I always talk about. It’s impossible to get bored, here…lucky lucky me.

January 20: Great Lake Pizza(s). Kind of a big deal (see: GQ article on “the 25 best pizzas you’ll ever eat”, NYT profile, the Trib’s review, and the opinions of amateur critics and bloggers everywhere). The restaurant itself has seating for 14…so these pizzas were taken-away. And they were amazing. Crisp-yet-chewy crust…ingredients that sound random/a little suspicious on the menu but taste like they were made for each other in your mouth…honestly: other pizzas will never taste the same.

January 21: My collection of New Yorker issues…another reason I’ll never, ever get bored. The basket is stuffed full of them…and there may or may not be a pile on either side of the basket. Also: an old film camera rescued from someone’s trash that I’ve been meaning to get repaired, so it can serve a purpose other than paperweight/decoration.


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