January 22: Traveled to Michigan this weekend to hang with extended family. Saw Yo La Tengo at the Crofoot Ballroom outside Detroit with my Uncle Bob, and got to spend time with my aunt and cousin and their crazy-cute dog. The concert was great (and was also my first of 2010): excellent venue, pretty low-key song selections, an appreciative crowd, and a surprisingly delicious pre-concert meal at my uncle’s favorite dive bar. The trip also gave me a chance to test out my favorite purchase of 2010 (the brown suede bag to the left). Picked this bad boy up for $6 at a thrift store in Logan Square last week. Love at first sight.

January 23: Celebrated my grandma’s 78th birthday today, with my mom and aunt/uncle and dinner and desert at my grandparent’s country club in good ole’ Jackson, Michigan. Pretty amazing to think about what’s she’s seen/lived through during 78 years, and pretty amazing to think about myself living another 53 years – what I’ll see and do and experience. A nice family day, today. (Oh, and, the candle-topped mound in the picture is the club’s famous “Baked Alaska”. Some sort of ice-cream/cake/raspberry combo that comes with hot fudge and raspberry sauce and shaved chocolate toppings and whipped cream. Sort of a tradition…and yet, I have no clue how it got its name.)

January 24: Breakfast in Jackson.


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  1. Buc Benlo

    Sounds fun. I love YLT.

    What’s up with the skewed camera angle for your grandma. Is she some sort of film noir character?

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