January 25: I mean, come on. I’m sorry, but who can afford to pay six bucks for like, 14 raspberries? Not me. Nor can I pay five bucks for a handful of strawberries or blueberries. And I don’t really like blackberries. Winter is the worst. And so are these fruit prices. The sad thing is, I’ll probably look back on this someday and be all “Remember when raspberries were only six dollars? Those were the good old days…sigh…”.

January 26: Impromptu business lunch today with my little bro, who’s looking slightly shell-shocked after an interview. Topics of conversation ranged, as always, from dream analysis to job-searches to video games to “college stories”. He also became the first non-work friend (relative) to see my “office”. Good times. (Side note: I may have found my new favorite pad thai dish in Chicago tonight while dining with a friend in Wicker Park…still need to try a few places recommended by friends before I can submit a final verdict.)

January 27: Finally finished this book, today. 648 pages. Totally worth it. This is the best book I have read, in a very, very long time. The plot is complicated, the narrative can be confusing, and there are no less than 40 characters involved/introduced. But when I finally figured out what was going on, and who was who, and when was when (all of this involved “research”; this and this and a handful of other articles/reviews helped a lot)…it was such an epic story. (If anyone out there has read this, please let me know, so we can discuss. I know I’m missing/complicating a number of things. And, I really want to discuss the last page…)


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  1. Haha love the intro to Jan. 25 😉

    Keep posting the pics! I love them!

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