thoughts on photo-a-day(s)

After taking a (at least one) photo a day for a month, I wanted to pause and highly recommend participating in this project/experiment to everyone. Having a daily reminder/intention to see the world through the lens of a camera works wonders. Looking back at the photos I’ve taken already, I’m struck with an intense appreciation for my life…for the opportunities I have, for the quiet moments I spend alone, for routines that would otherwise slip in and out of my daily life unnoticed and unappreciated…for my family, my friends, my city, and my passions. (Not to say I would not value these things were I not photographing them…but taking the time to freeze time sheds new light on them all.)

I have all these hopes and dreams and plans for living “a mighty life”, and they overwhelm me at times…until I pause and realize that I’m already living that life; that I have chances all around me to live a mighty life here and now. I may not be a famous author (yet) , or a European resident (yet), but I am surrounded by wonder and beauty and love every single day, and I know that choosing to see and experience that wonder and beauty and love will take me exactly where I need to be. It may not mirror what I had/have in mind, but I’m learning that when one follows their heart, one’s original hopes and dreams are often left in the dust by experiences far better than those expected and imagined.

We are forever becoming who we’re meant to be. What a comfort, what a thrill it is to realize that the never-ending road leading me there is paved with such beautiful moments.


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