February 7: Pre-Super Bowl party for one at Delightful, today. Just me and my Sunday Times and a few cups of coffee. Don’t get me wrong; there are few things I love more than sitting with a friend and reading or writing or talking. But a perk to sitting alone in a public place is the conversations with strangers. One of the bakery employees came over to see if she could bring me a treat; a nice older woman asked where I’d bought my wallet; a couple with the cutest baby in the world sat at the table next to me and we talked about the weather…and the baby. Grateful for these slow Sunday afternoons.

February 8: I remember to notice this sticker every once in a while, stuck on the base of a street light at a busy intersection near my apartment. Hopefully lots of other people see it too, every day. (And hopefully you can read what it says…in case you can’t: you are beautiful.)

February 9: The walk home from work (thanks, Hunters!). Apparently this is just the beginning of the snow, here.


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