February 10: Little white lights. Under the entrance to an old movie theater near my apartment. I walk by these on my way to the gym, and rarely stop to notice them. iPhone made the last few rows slightly blurry and I like it.

February 11: Sleeping at Last at Lincoln Hall. I’d forgotten how much I loved this band. Gorgeous lyrics loaded with meaning and emotion, backed by a string quartet and Ryan O’Neal’s soaring melodies. This also marked my first visit to Lincoln Hall, a new sister-venue to a local favorite that was built in an old theater. The interior is beautiful…exposed brick walls, dark wood support beams and paneling, low lighting, great acoustics.

February 12: Old film on an old tv. As much as I’d love a shiny new flat-screen, part of me doesn’t want to part with this one. Bought it for my freshman year dorm-room and dragged it along from apartment to apartment ever since. The lower right corner displays a mysterious green splotch once in a while, but otherwise it’s hangin’ in there (knock on wood). Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

February 13: Family field trip to The Art Institute, today. The museum is free for the entire month of February, which is wonderful. Dad and my bros and I spent most of this trip in the Modern Wing, which allowed me to pay a visit to my favorite Giacometti sculptures (Three Men Walking II is pictured). Multiple return visits to occur, before the month ends.

February 14: Coffee and donuts. Outside. In mid-February. Take that, winter. This bakery in Bridgeport has been around for like, 60 years. And apparently lots of people know about their unbelievably delicious donuts; they were almost sold out by the time we arrived this morning. I’ve never spent time in this neighborhood, so maybe this is normal, but: almost every single person who walked by our bench said hello. Warmth three ways, this morning: bright sun, soft donuts, and fleeting moments with strangers.


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