February 17: I can explain: I walk by this poster everyday. It sits in the window of the dry cleaner’s down the street from my apartment, which is also where I wait for the bus every morning. And it gets me every time…usually limited to a  single (mental) “ha”. But I thought it was time to share my amusement with others. Maybe I’ll always have a soft spot for vintage animal posters (like this one, which is proudly on display near my desk at work, and this one, which I’m dying to purchase and frame for my apartment).

February 18: I already shared about this day in a previous post, but here’s a photo from the St. Vincent gig at the Metro. She is seriously hip, and seriously talented, and I was pretty pumped to see her perform in such a small venue.

February 19: I feel like this is, what, the fourth pizza-related photo I’ve posted? I really don’t eat pizza that often, I swear. Then again: why run from it, when you live in Chicago? This beauty was enjoyed during a return visit to La Madia, with my mom, aunt and cousin. We tried salads, small plates and two pizzas: the Market Tomatoes, Arugula Pesto, & Ricotta pizza, and the Burrata, Wood-Roasted Eggplant, Market Tomatoes, & Torn Basil pizza (pictured). So delicious.

February 20: Welcome to Chicago Restaurant Week! Such a great way to try pricier busier restaurants, and a great excuse to gather friends together for fancy dining experiences. Some girlfriends and I visited Gemini Bistro tonight: a newer, well-reviewed restaurant in Lincoln Park. Gorgeous decor, stellar service, and a delicious three course meal made for quite a lovely evening.


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