February 21: Coffee and the Times at Intelligentsia, after another fate-driven day: tried to see Patti Smith read at the library but got there after 400 other people did and was turned away. Ended up stepping inside the Cultural Center and visiting two very different exhibits: “Touch with Your Eyes”, a multi-material exhibit by Angel Otero, and “Expect the Unexpected”, a collection of paintings by Hollis Sigler, a breast cancer victim. Both worth the accidental trip.

February 22: Housewarming gifts! Adorable little Crate and Barrel appetizer plates and beer and wine, courtesy of my generous aunt and cousin who were visiting this weekend from Michigan (and from my uncle, who couldn’t make it – thanks for the booze, Uncle B). As small and plain as my apartment is, I’m dying to entertain more often…so maybe I should…done.

February 23: I (shockingly) had plans tonight, to check out a museum event and meet a friend for drinks. And when 4:30 (my 5:00) rolled around…it just wasn’t going to happen. And that’s okay. Traded the event for yoga and drinks for tea and writing and a film (to be discussed). I love winter because of nights like these…waiting out the darkness and cold under piles of blankets and layers of clothes.


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