February 24: A day of escapes. Long Restaurant Week meal at Terzo Piano, the lunch-time destination in the Art Institute‘s Modern Wing…such a treat. A spell of good writing after work. And a double-feature at the movies: Crazy Heart and An Education. Two wonderful films, in wonderfully different ways. Both transport the viewer to another world: one to the grittiest, greasiest, truck-driving whiskey-drinking west, the other to a sophisticated, proper, innocent 60’s England. I left forgetting it was a Wednesday in Chicago and wandered home down snowy streets.

February 25: Stove-top oatmeal…belongs on my crush list in a big way. Can’t get enough of this stuff (plus dried cranberries and chopped walnuts) on cold mornings. Recently bought steel-cut oats without realizing they take 30 minutes to prepare. Hrmph.

February 26: Best. (Free!) Sandwich. Ever. Courtesy of Hannah’s Bretzel. Friday was sunny and clear, so I hiked over to Michigan Ave. at lunch and treated myself to their pesto sandwich, with fresh mozzarella, vine tomatoes, baby arugula and sun-dried tomatoes on the softest pretzel baguette. Sigh.

February 27: Lots of pictures today (Art Institute and tea and treats in the Garden Cafe with mom, dinner in Chinatown, games in bars), but this was a highlight: used book-sale at Open Books. Mom and I took our sweet time browsing piles and boxes books. So relaxing/rewarding: a first edition paperback of an old favorite and this, which I was about to buy anyways for a lot more than $1.

February 28: Words fail to describe how much I love this pup. We’ve had Emma for 5 years (?!?). She is the greatest. Period.



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2 responses to “photo-a-day(s)

  1. Cole Farrell

    Don’t I remember playing with Emma as a puppy?! So crazy that she’s five.

    I just read _Paris to the Moon_ over winter break. I think you’ll really love it. Let’s talk about it when you finish it! I guess we’ve said that about several books now, but I really mean it this time.

  2. Amy

    Your Feb 25 & Feb 26 food choices are making me salivate. I eat oatmeal every morning too. If you want to switch up the dried cranberries, pick up a bag of frozen mini blueberries at Trader Joes & flax seed! SO good. And that heavenly pretzel sandwich…it has my name written all over it. We are going to get one the next time I’m in Chicago! 🙂

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