and days go by…

I’ve fallen behind. And suddenly March is here…how can that be? Photo-a-day(s):

March 1: Me (a very small me) and my mom, playing by the pond behind our first home. This is clipped on my mirror in my bathroom, so I see it every day, multiple times a day. Loved it today though, having just seen her in person, and having just seen similar signs of spring.

March 2: Book club! Yes, we picked one of the most difficult, challenging, confusing books in the history of the world. But, I would not read it on my own, and must say it’s great to know that others are suffering through it at the same time I am. Our first meeting was a success; we talked about Joyce’s life and the first hundred pages of Ulysses at a cozy bar in Wicker Park, and all agree that (so far), it’s not as bad as we’d feared. Famous last words.

March 3: It doesn’t get much better than this: fresh fish tacos, guacamole and salsa samplers and a bottle of rose with a girlfriend at Mercadito. Have been trying to go here for months…well worth the wait: great atmosphere and deliciously fresh food.

March 4: May or may not be slightly obsessed with Hannah’s. It’s just so good…and I could not stop thinking about the pesto-mozzarella sandwich from last week…so I went back. Twice. And had the most relaxing, enjoyable lunch breaks I’ve had in ages. They play the best music, and it’s always bustling and crowded, and my timing has been perfect each time, so that I’ve gotten one of the four seats and been able to sit in the sun and read and eat the most delicious (67% organic!) sandwich ever.

March 5: Lit trees in a park outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. Went there tonight for their First Fridays event and had a ridiculously fun time. My friend David recently started a fashion blog, and he let me help him pick out candidates to feature…here are a few of the highlights. Another trip to Old Town Social (my new favorite) and some late night pizzas made for a great night.

March 6: Another tree. The weather today was spectacular…the warmest, sunniest day we’ve had this year. The whole city comes alive when we shift from winter to spring; everyone was out, today…it’s like we all realized we’re going to make it. We’ve already made it. A long walk along the beach before sunset preceded this photo (taken with a friend’s Nikon), and was followed by a delicious meal in Pilsen.


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