March 10: More donuts (and a cinnamon roll) from Impallaria Bakery. These things are seriously amazing…the richest chocolate frosting and the softest, most moist cake you’ll ever taste. Find me a better donut in Chicago.

March 11: Work. Things have been busy for a while, now. My boss was on vacation all week, so the other administrator I assist decided he’d have me organize his files. Which was a much larger project than both he and I imagined. He had me running non-stop all week…and my days flew by.

March 12: Another late-night trip to Avec. I am absolutely in love with this place. Its always crowded with the hippest looking people, playing the hippest music, serving the hippest dishes and the most incredible wines. We scored seats at the “chef’s table” at the bar, which means we got to chat up the chef and watch him prepare his orders. He gave us the last of their skate-wing special, and tastes of some really solid wines. We wandered out with a slight craving for dessert, then wandered right into Blackbird (part of the Avec/Violet Hour/Publican family) next door for two incredible dishes: baked brioche custard with pear consomme, streusel noisette, molasses tuile and chai sorbet; and white honey parfait with coconut sponge, passion fruit, rum and caramelized white chocolate.

March 13: Chicago takes St. Patrick’s Day very seriously. It’s difficult not to participate, when the streets are filled with trolleys and pub crawlers and parades, etc. So, I participated.


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