collecting moments one by one

Lucky lucky me, spending eight lovely days in Seattle with some of my dearest friends. And while the trip was incredible and amazing and wonderful, I’m aware that once again, it was the single moments, the smallest pieces of each day that made this week unforgettable, that changed and taught and moved me:

*coffeeall day long *warm toast and peanut butter breakfasts *budding trees *the warmth of the sun on my face for the first time in months and months *art museums *leisurely city strolls *fresh coconut ice cream *beach sunsets *borrowed cameras *fresh muffins and pastries *a misty morning run through the woods *lines worth waiting in *inside jokes *time: to read, to write, to sit and be still, to breathe *home-made macaroons drizzled with chocolate *day trips *conversations with strangers: memorable ones here, here and here *learning with/from friends, about ourselves and each other *browsing for my favorite things *incredibly simple and satisfying meals eaten after long days *classy nights out, and long over-due birthday drinks

And on and on and on. And best of all: just being with friends…being with people who know and love you well, catching up, asking questions, making plans, gently holding each other’s hearts after they’ve been bruised. And laughing. Always laughing, at ourselves and each other and at life’s gifts and chaos and beauty.


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