photo-a-day(s): seattle edition

March 15: Had a little down time Monday afternoon…most of which was spent curled up on a wooden bench in the sun on a pier, reading the newspaper and a book and a feature in the New Yorker and Five Dials. Seagulls shrieking in the background, a light breeze, no jacket…followed by tofu pad thai and that coconut ice cream and lots of lounging and reading and a little writing. Vacation.

March 16: Loved this coffee cafe…great interior, busy-but-not-too-busy, smooth background music. Explored the market, visited some bakeries, had crazy-good Cuban sandwiches for lunch, and chocolate peanut butter cookies and coffee.

March 17: Calder’s Eagle, in the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park. Another sunny day…used bookstores, more coffee shops (obviously), pintxos, trendy bars, and the arrival of another friend, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

March 18: (Happy birthday, mom!) Pike Place Market again, today. And the art museum. And the library. And hazelnut gelato. And Easy Street. And Kerry Park. And a girls’ night out, complete with a private after-hours tour of the restaurant and wine cellar. Sigh.

March 19: Couldn’t pass this by. Photo-of-the-trip. Captured after another full day of reading and exploring and fish-and-chips and chocolate factories and new neighborhoods and sunset photo shoots on the beach.

March 20: A day trip to Portland introduced me to one of my new favorite places in the entire world: Powell’s Books. Pure joy…racing back and forth between rows and floors of new and used books, trading recommendations with fellow browsers, sitting cross-legged on the floor holding a rare copy of a favorite book…yep; pure joy. And Portland was pretty sweet, too. Block after block of uber-hip restaurants and shops and bars.

March 21: Sunset over Alki Beach in West Seattle, during a visit to a family friend’s lovely home. Can’t think of a better way to end such a beautiful week (especially with drinks here afterwards).

March 22: Home; with a NYT welcome wagon and a week’s worth of mail waiting for me.


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  1. oh my, you REALLY got the best of the city. nice work! and nice to meet you, of course… 😀

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