March 29: Progress. Wrote and wrote and wrote tonight. And suddenly I was in the midst of a new story, learning about new characters and new places and new feelings. Lots of rough sketches and single scenes and general plot ideas, all jumbled and jumping around messy notebooks. But…progress was made.

March 30: Tacos from Big Star‘s newly opened walk-up window. So. Good. Pork/pineapple/onion and pescado piled with goodness and chips and guac and beer…and lots of plaid shirts and glasses and honky-tonk country music. And their patio opens this weekend. So. Good.

March 31: The view from my seat by the river at lunch. Not too shabby. Such a treat, to have a whole hour mid-day to escape and (now that it’s nice out) wander around the Loop or sit and read by the river or catch up with friends on the phone.

April 1: Dusk at Lake Michigan, on the nicest day so far this year. Still in awe, in a daze thanks to this weather. And also in awe that I live four blocks away from here…life is good.


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