April 2: Not the best picture, but one which accurately captures the Passion Pit show at the Congress tonight: one big party. Such a great show, preceded by drinks outside, tacos outside, dive drinks, and followed by…more tacos, more drinks, and (obviously) lots of dancing.

April 3: A favorite rainy-day activity…browsing used books. Picked up more Paris books and a classic book on writing. Lounged around reading wine books and cook books, feeling slightly overwhelmed by the rows and rows of fiction I’ve yet to read.

April 4: Easter Sunday at Fourth Presbyterian Church, downtown on Michigan Avenue. The service was beautiful, the choir was beautiful, and the sanctuary was (is) stunning. A quiet day, laced with hope and driven by faith.

April 5: Little things, today…a warm sandwich; compliments from strangers; jellybeans; travel research; library visits; yoga; the smell of rain drifting through windows propped open after being sealed shut for months; old New Yorker issues; catching up with neighbors; basketball, and a bowl of sweet sweet strawberries.


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