April 6: Lunch at the French Market. A lovely (albeit indoor) escape from the office on weekdays…dozens of stands  selling fresh fruits and cheeses and breads and pastries (and donuts!). I stuck with a sandwich from Pastoral…and a few samples from eager vendors. (Honestly, I learned more about cheese in ten minutes from the Pastoral team than I ever thought possible.)

April 7: A fuzzy iPhone photo of a lot of sake and a lot of sushi. Kamehachi’s Old Town location has a great cozy upstairs dining room…big loungey booths and dim lights and chill music. Perfect shelter from an unusually cold evening.

April 8: The xx show at Lincoln Hall. Please listen to their album if you have yet to do so…beautifully understated songs, gorgeous vocals…an interesting experiment in minimalism…one which did not disappoint on stage. (Also: dream dinner at Topolobampo beforehand. Sigh.)

April 9: Day 1 in AUSTIN. Reunited with three of my dearest study abroad friends for a long weekend…Friday included lots of mexican food, lots of outdoor drinks, lots of live music, and lots of reminiscing.

April 10: AUSTIN day 2: free outdoor Girl Talk concert/dance party on UT’s campus. An absolutely amazing end to another amazing day: campus and city walks, more mexican food, vintage shops, cupcake carts…even  a “celeb” sighting. And, I finally got to wear those thrifted cowboy boots I picked up a while back. I love. This city.

April 11: AUSTIN day 3: outdoor drinks at Lustre Pearl, one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been in. A great way to wind down a lovely Sunday filled with a fabulous brunch, some local shopping, a film at the Alamo, and a simple dinner.

April 12: AUSTIN day 4: no trip to Texas is complete without a little barbecue. Delicious pork sandwiches and hand-cut fries on an outdoor patio…couldn’t ask for much more.

April 13: Back home…where signs of spring continue to force and fight their way into our city. Hopeful for the sun and the warmth and the daylight to stay for good.


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    T’s for Texas…T’s for Tennessee…

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