April 27: Spring continues to fight its way in…flowers blooming all over the city, in spite of cool temperatures…and I get to see them all day; in Daley Plaza at lunch, near the river, in front of office buildings, on my walk home. Love this city.

April 28: The Jonsi concert. Truly a life-changing event, one which deserves its own post if I can muster up the courage to share some of the thoughts and emotions present during and after this night. The picture doesn’t come close to representing the performance’s intensity and beauty…neither will these videos, but they’ll help. Truth be told, I’m still a little shell-shocked.

April 29: The Yeasayer concert. Quite a contrast to last night’s experience…this was one big crowded dance party (which was actually just what I needed to get my mind off heavier things). And before the concert: I treated myself to a glass of wine and a salad and warm bread and oil at my favorite restaurant.

April 30: Indian food. Lots and lots of Indian food, and a few hours of great conversation. And a walk home in the rain. And some reading. And some music. And more writing…I can’t seem to stop, these days…and while stories aren’t quite coming together or building or progressing, it feels great.

May 1: Emma at the beach! A quick overnight trip to our house in Onekama, Michigan. Quick stop in Holland for lunch with Joe; a long walk on the beach as soon as we arrived in Onekama, where Emma was in heaven, racing up and down an empty beach; and a delicious meal at our favorite restaurant in town.

May 2: Another walk on the beach, this morning. Northern Michigan (particularly Onekama) feels like home…nearly every summer of my life has included at least one week on these beaches. Coming here is truly an escape…no cell phone reception, no internet…a town with no stop lights and only a handful of businesses…and skies so clear and dark, nights so quiet and still, air so crisp and fresh, and a sun so bright, you feel like you’re seeing and hearing and feeling it all for the first time. Realizing this place deserves its own post. Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “photo-a-day(s)

  1. Jeff Soderberg

    and those weeks at the beach with Katie dominate the rank of the best days of my life. Her indignance at her brothers plots, well hatched if ill conceived; the eternal echo of her primal scream from a sun-baked slumber as ice cold lake water splashed off her back, and her not so quiet acceptance of the injustice done by a lucky ‘hole in one’ that deprived her of the annual mini-golf family championship. We are blessed by the memories Katie!

  2. Buc Benlo


    Thanks for sharing, Katie! Courage needed to share Jonsi thoughts? I’m intrigued.

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