I’ve been thinking a lot, these days. About many things. About places (Onekema (on which I still owe an overdue post…though an unexpected return trip may be in my future), Glen Ellyn, Canterbury, Indiana, Chicago) and how they’ve shaped and influenced me. About my future; about the people who matter most to me, about the things that matter most to me. About how all of that fits into and effects whatever it is that’s next, for me. About lamenting over not knowing what’s next, not knowing what I want to do next or where I want to be next, while the answers to those questions lie patiently, simmering and bubbling at the surface, waiting for me to allow myself to recognize they’ve been there all along.

What did we want? We want the world smaller and bigger and just the same but advancing. We don’t know what we want.

Dave Eggers, You Shall Know Our Velocity!

Right; photos. May has been an interesting month. It has been difficult, and confusing, and frustrating, and sad. And simple things carrying peace and comfort and hope have shown up the entire time. Not always when I needed them most, and never when I expected them. But that’s the beautiful thing about this crazy little life I’m living. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*May 11: Guilty pleasure *May 12: A detour on the way home from work *May 13: A field trip at lunch to see Banksy’s latest *May 14: Dinner with my favorite people, on my favorite patio in Glen Ellyn *May 15: A day of reminiscing, over childhood games and toys at home with family, and over a three-hour long dinner with friends *May 16: A day of “free”: free time, free food and drink (at the most enjoyable wedding-related event I’ve encountered (thanks C and K!)), and a free pizza at La Madia, with a great book to keep me company. See? It’s all okay. I remind myself that this is new. I remind myself that I am exactly where I need to be.


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