where i’ve been

This is where I’ve been, where I’ll be, for hours and days and weeks. Officially and completely obsessed with and immersed in and addicted to this book. To these characters and places and to every single word that this genius carefully hand-picked because it was by far without a doubt the best word, the best phrase, for the occasion. This book is epic. And it’s so much fun to read, to research, to try to understand. I have never read and will never read anything else like it. And I’ll never write the same way again.

I also lost my Internet connection at home. Pros (no distractions, more visits to places with free wi-fi!) and cons (no ten-day forecasts, no h&w!) abound, but on the whole I’m glad it’s gone…for now. For summer. For a time in my life when I must consistently actively force myself, remind myself, to slow down, to simplify, to live here and now and today, to spend time with the people who matter most to me.

Photos will be posted and musings will resume, when time (and technology) allows. But for now: back to summer, to the simple things I love these days, to homework (another crush), to reading and writing and running and spending every minute possible outside. To this good good life.


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  1. Matt Hornberger

    E-mailed your uncle today and that prompted me to check your blog.1 Great book. I’m more than halfway through myself and it’s taken me a long long time to get this far. (It takes some work to read2 and that’s not always what I want after a hard day at work.) DFW is an absolute genius3 and I’ve really liked everything of his that I’ve read but especially the Kenyon College address which has in many ways changed how I look at life.

    Anyway, strange that in this mostly vacant building I haven’t run into you yet.4 Hope to see you at a tailgate this fall.5

    1. He sent me the url a while ago.
    2. That’s a good thing.
    3. He grew up here in Illinois and if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend A Supposedly Fun Thing I Will Never Do Again. (As it contains an interesting essay on the Illinois State Fair.)
    4. Probably because I am a hobbit who rarely leaves the office.
    5. We’ll probably be going to MSU. You can have a ride home if you want.

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