because I can’t say it better:

“Reading [Alice] Munro puts me in that state of quiet reflection in which I think about my own life: about the decisions I’ve made, the things I’ve done and haven’t done, the kind of person I am, the prospect of death. She is one of the handful of writers, some living, most dead, whom I have in mind when I say that fiction is my religion. For as long as I’m immersed in a Munro story, I am according to an entirely make-believe character the kind of solemn respect and quiet rooting interest that I accord myself in my better moments as a human being.”

– Jonathan Franzen, from his 2004 NYT review of Alice Munro’s Runaway

I’m reading Runaway now. And so far, he’s absolutely right.



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2 responses to “because I can’t say it better:

  1. Cole Farrell

    Runaway. I die. It’s so good that it hurts.

    Katie, my love, you MUST buy the new Nicole Krauss novel and read it quickly so we can talk about it. I finished it Sunday night and my heart is still racing about it. I seriously am struggling to think about other things.

  2. Amy

    so glad to see: hush and wonder (1)

    you know how i’m always looking for a new book! & heavens knows i’ve been thinking about just those things recently. adding runaway to my little red journal.

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