a mighty life

a life list (in no order, with no deadline for revisions or additions). to keep me true to the core of who i am, and who i am becoming.

*write and publish a book *have a library in my home. preferably with a fireplace *take a road-trip across America *live in England, again *live in France *learn French *write a screenplay, and select its soundtrack *run a marathon *read a novel out-loud to someone i love. and have them read one to me *grow a garden *travel somewhere new with mom *see Emperor penguins in the wild with mom *volunteer on another continent *have a dog *get a second degree *host a dinner party *subscribe to and read the NYT daily *go camping *attend the Sundance Film Festival *have a short story published in a reputable magazine *visit all 7 continents *take an art class *visit NYC once during all 4 seasons *attend a writer’s conference *take a cooking class *have a party in the room attached to A New Leaf flower shop on Wells Street *help someone learn to read *see the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen in concert *read Infinite Jest


2 responses to “a mighty life

  1. Anne Bouchard

    Great idea and great list. I can help with the dinner party!

  2. 5sonsmum

    I am inspired!

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