*lists of things i love, at the moment*

December, 2010

*brainstorming *rue magazine *holiday decor *big nights out *cozying up at the violet hour *anticipation

November, 2010

*pretzel m&m’s *tea lights *these writing tips *sweet potato fries *new cut copy

October, 2010

*honeycrisp apples *college football *my neighborhood (permanent crush) *excess *fashion *music: new and old favorites *slowing down

and *donuts *warm blankets and oatmeal and tea *yoga yoga yoga

September, 2010

*the holstee manifesto *FALL *freedom, and all its hype *laughing at this, daily *endings and beginnings *writing group *banksy

August, 2010

*spontaneity *sunday nights *cupcakes *inception *everything about lollapalooza *resting *rooftop bars *luck *fine dining experiences

July, 2010

*weddings *thursday nights *carver *lots of new restaurants *train rides

June, 2010

*infinite jest *running *the world cup *blackhawks fever *summer *street festivals *family time *homework/workshop *the snack size mcflurry *michigan *outdoor eating/drinking

May, 2010

*writing (a little bit) every day *jonsi *iceland *high violet *everything by and about DFW *everything about sunda *stay-cations *jeggings (NK) *lakefront runs

April, 2010

*rainy days *the french market *growing up *writing and reading long emails *mew *austin, texas *asparagus *great lunch breaks *searching for the perfect peanut butter *salted butter *attending an obscene amount of concerts in one month (8)

March, 2010

already: *signs of spring (more daylight, more sun, more birds, more warm) *mumford & sons‘ album sigh no more *book club *sunglasses *back issues of this magazine

and: *seattle *the album leaf *more learning and talking about food and wine and cooking *paris research *arugula *good spin classes *worrying less

February, 2010

*making killer playlists *frugality *being inspired by her style and his cooking, and the people he sees *fashion experiments *free on-demand movies from the Sundance Channel *Salinger talk *routine *living alone (semi-permanent crush) *sunny winter days *bon iver’s blood bank ep (“blood bank”: permanent crush)

wait wait: *the xx *timshel *going to the art institute, for free, four times in one month *busy crowded restaurants *rednow film club

January, 2010

*hibernating *planning trips *shopping local *learning about food, via this movie and this book *making (literally and figuratively) space to write in my apartment *my new chalkboards *cut copy’s first album *arrested development marathons

and: *plowing through this epic novel *friendly fires (“paris” and “skeleton boy”) *lots and lots and lots of movies *people watching *my weekend NYT subscription *thrift store-ing *flannery o’conner’s stupendous story-telling talents (begin here)

December, 2009

*my christmas tree *neko case’s lyrical wizardry *waiting. and listening *this book *catching up on old new yorker issues *first snows * gypsy by fleetwood mac *renegade’s holiday craft fair *making lists *trying to keep up with “best of 2009” and “best of the decade” lists *re-discovering running

also: *bundling up *fireplaces *these tree tiles *the giacometti sculptures in the modern wing (permanent crush) *fleet foxes *my hunter boots, and their fleece sock inserts *being challenged…by friends, recipes, yoga, this movie, and my own thoughts *having time to become better acquainted with this beautiful city


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